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The Cast Performing Parables in 2016


A parable is defined as a story that illustrates a truth, and The Cast is bringing parables to life for its 2016 season. The Cast, which is the creative ministry team of Williams Baptist College, is presenting a series of sketches intended to illustrate gospel truths.

"Jesus taught with parables, and the crowds were able to relate to his message. His stories drove home lessons that still resonate today. The Cast is enacting parables for the same purpose, to drive home timeless truths," says Melinda Williams, who heads the theatre department at WBC.

Williams said the group is enacting several of the parables Jesus used, as well as taking other stories and using them to illustrate scripture.

Williams and Brett Cooper, vice president for institutional advancement at WBC, are co-directors of The Cast.

The Cast for 2015-16 is composed of seven WBC students who auditioned for the group at the start of the school year. Most of the fall semester is spent preparing the program, and the team travels to performances during the spring semester.

This year, The Cast is scheduled for nearly 20 performances. Williams says she encourages everyone to take advantage of the opportunity to see The Cast when the group performs in their area.

WBC is a four-year, liberal arts college at Walnut Ridge.

This year's schedule for The Cast is:

Nov. 14
2:00 pm WBC Homecoming

Jan. 24
10:50 am Caraway: First Baptist Church
6:00 pm Walnut Ridge: First Baptist Church

Jan. 31
10:45 am West Memphis: Cornerstone Baptist Church
7:00 pm Brinkley: First Baptist Church

Feb. 13
6:00 pm Garfield: First Baptist Church (Valentine's Banquet)

Feb. 14
11:00 am Springdale: Sonora Baptist Church
6:00 pm Harrison: Southern Hills Missionary Baptist Church

Feb. 28
10:45 am Searcy: Mt. Hebron Baptist Church
6:00 pm Hoxie: First Baptist Church

March 13
11:00 am Pangburn: First Baptist Church
6:00 pm Mammoth Spring: First Baptist Church

March 30
11:00 am WBC Chapel

April 3
11:00 am Harrisburg: First Baptist Church
6:00 pm Salem: First Baptist Church

April 16
6:00 pm Pocahontas: First Baptist Church (banquet)

April 17
11:00 am Biscoe: First Baptist Church
6:00 pm Benton: Congo Road Baptist Church

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